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Jay - Cutler (Jay Cutler) is considering copying Toni - Romo (Tony Romo). , the former Chicago bear quarterback, is still unwanted (at least as the first quarterback). According to a number of people, he is studying to be a rebroadcast guest after his retirement. Cutler and his agent have talked with many TV management personas about the role of the football players. People familiar with the matter said that Cutler had participated in the audition at least one TV station in recent weeks. It is not clear how Cutler is going and is not sure whether he is negotiating a contract, but his participation in the audition shows that he is seriously considering joining the TV circle. Cutler's agent previously said Cutler had not retired, and "as far as I know, he wants to play and he will play if he has the right offer." But he refused to comment on Cutler's ambitions in the TV circle. began in the offseason, the New York jets, Houston Dezhou, Cleveland Brown and San Francisco 49 people have not found the answer to quarterback. The jet had contacted Cutler, it looked like the opportunity to arrange the trial but jet team finally signed Josh - McKoen (Josh McCown). At the same time, 49 people signed the veteran Blaine Hoyer and Matt Barkley (Matt Barkley). In the draft, Dezhou and Brown both picked up the new year quarterback. They could sign the veteran quarterback again at some time, b cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ut they didn't have much interest in Cutler. Cutler, who had spent 8 seasons in Chicago, was selected by Denver wild horse for the first round of the 2006 Draft. He had only 5 games in the last season, and he was cut off on the first day of the free agent market. Cutler's transition to the TV circle will be an interesting topic because he has never been the most suitable person to the media. And sometimes he looked miserable on the court and at the post - game press conference. if Cutler finally decided to retire and become a broadcast guest, he would have to show the charm and the ability to analyze the game for the audience. His performance in the game was criticized, but the man who had taught him said he had a deep understanding of the game.four Joe Fraco (Joe Flacco) said he grew up in and remember when brothers, the younger brother of the ESPN magazine to the wall of the scene. The hanging on the wall of the cover of some of the leading role is the new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady). fast forward 10 years, will face in the playoffs fourth times flao Brady on Saturday's game against the Patriots Baltimore crow. "One of the cool things is that Tom didn't know how many years in the playoffs before I got into the playoffs," Fraco said. "I watched him win the Super Bowl in high school." When Brady won the super bowl for the first time in February 2002, Fraco was just 17 years old and was going to end his top two. In the first round draft pick in 2008, Flacco was selected, Brady has won 3 medals in the playoffs and Super Bowl champion ring 14 wins 3 of the negative record. not in the playoffs but recently Brady achieved much success, it is because the relationship between flao. The crow and the flao 2 wins 1 negative Brady face in the playoffs, but also to crow than 3 years ago in the American League Championship in the wide receiver Lee Evans (Lee Evans) to get rid of the ball in the end zone crow can maintain victory. Fraco also performed well in the past than Brady 2 playoff appearances in the dialogue. In the 2011 and 2012 season American League Championship, Fraco Fagafaga completed a total of 59.8% passes (72 of 43 passes successfully) to get 546 yards and 5 touchdowns 1 passes were steals (quarterback score 100.8). The success rate was 56.6% (90 Brady pass 51 passes successfully) 559 yards and 1 touchdowns 4 passes were steals (quarterback score 60.3). "It's really not that I beat Tom or he beat me," Fraco said. "We have no face to face." speaks of the success of the playoffs, and Fraco has been the benchmark for the NFL quarterback in this respect. Since flao entered the league in 2008, he has won 10 playoff games. During this time, Brady won 4 games. "He's a trump quarterback, and he has a good career," Brady said. "Of course he had some wonderful play in the face of us and we had to find ways to stop the whole attack." In the playoffs. Flacco pace is a difficult task. He has 7 consecutive games from 2 or more touchdowns, tying the NFL continuously achieve the achievement record performances. Only Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Terry Brad Shaw (Terry Bradshaw) (1978-1983), San Francisco 49 four Montana Joe (Joe Montana) (1989-1991) and the New Orleans saints quarterback Drew four - Bracey (Drew Brees) (2007-2012) had such a long record. "when you need them when there will be a big game player, that is his state,"won the new coach Steve - Wilkes (Steve Wilks) of the Arizona Cardinals in a recently to retain key personnel. on Monday U.S. time, the Cardinals announced Steve and general manager Caim (Steve Keim) contract until 2022. team boss Michael bidell (Michael Bidwill) said: "Steve's performance and achievements that he is not sinecures. The success of the team in the last five seasons has an inseparable relationship with him. This new contract helps us to ensure that he can continue to contribute to the team's victory, and we are very happy. The 2018 season is the last year of Caim's original contract, but the team can also choose to carry out the 2019 contract option. Now the contract between Caim and Wilkes will continue to the same year. Caim has spent 19 seasons with the cardinals. He was promoted to general manager in 2013. He served as the director of University draft, (2006), director of personnel and personnel (2008) and vice president of personnel (2012). Caim, the Cardinals made regular season 49-30-1, NFL since 2013 the team winning percentage ranked seventh, is the history of Cardinals every five years the highest winning percentage. this offseason, Caim had several important tasks to worry about. First is to find Carson Palmer (Carson Palmer)'s successor quarterback, and pay attention to whether Larry Fitzgerald (Larry Fitzgerald) will choose to continue to fight. Running back Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) and the relationship between the team to consider.even-even soccer equipment network which is one of the best-selling jerseys PSG club in history, in order to make them more representative, PSG and Colette have been working again, was released called "Dark Light" (dark light) series. Which contains two pieces of special packaging Jersey in the 2015-16 quarter, Jersey packaging fully embodies the cultural essence of Paris Saint Germain club. ????????????2015-16???????????????????? At first this was introduced by the club in the French fashion store, which proved to be the best seller. The number of sales at first is 22000, but only a few pieces are left. continue to use the limited sale of the routine, if you want to have it better hurry up.

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