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The twentieth World Men's handball handball | Youth Championships in Brazil opening | hand Association China Handball Association official website twentieth world men handball Youth Championship was launched in Brazil in July 19th. The host Brazil team defeated Japan by 31:30. there are 24 teams in this competition. It is divided into four groups, A group: Sweden, Russia, Holland, Tunisia, Belarus, Paraguay; B group: Spain, Romania, Serbia, Qatar, Angola, Portugal; C group: Denmark, France, Argentina, Chile, South Korea, Algeria; D group: Germany, Brazil, Egypt, Norway, Uruguay, Japan. The remainder of the first round of will start in July 20th. the technical statistics of this competition are supported by China's handball statistics software PHMS. Chinese Handball Association sent 4 technical support team went to Brazil, before the completion of the statistician timely training and practice exams. In the first unveiling battle, successfully completed the guarantee task, ensuring the uploading of all the match data and the real-time broadcast of the match score. can focus on competition progress and technical statistics through the International Association of hands: JuniorWorldChampionship2015/tabid/7100/Default.aspx can also focus on the related competition information throu cheap nfl jerseys free shipping gh the domestic "my handball / handball online" website (Li Zhaomeng from Brazil)The official website of NFL | Eagle quarterback Bradford competitive state | football show hot Philadelphia eagles in third weeks before the season match match away to 39:26 victory over the Green Bay Packers, it is worth mentioning that all scores are from the first half of the. The eagle's firepower in the first half was so fierce that it was mainly due to the hot quarterback Sam Bradford (Sam Bradford). Bradford a game will quickly enter the state, in the first quarter of 10 and 10, with 121 yards and 3 touchdowns, completely off the hook packers defensive. Subsequently, Mark Sanchez, who took the place of its Mark Sanchez, also performed well. He continued to lead the hawk attack team all the way, and scored a high score of 39 points before the end of the first half. The showed the strong strength in the preseason, the three preseason game with high score big points difference won easily, their attack rate allowed their opponents to be caught off guard so even a few, the backup quarterback averagestrength, still can continue to complete the game in advance. also ran the main Wei dema branch - Murray (DeMarco Murray) 6 run with 28 yards, look good. Jordan Mathews (Jordan Mathews), the team's number one, still took 51 yards in the very limited time. The Hawks are advancing at full speed to meet the new season.Bowling |2015 "moon water cup" national bowling tournament Sun Xiaoping won the championship 2015, December 20th, , Jia De Li bowling alley, Changzhou, Jiangsu 2015 "water cup" national bowling tournament results announcement of Jiangsu Changzhou Jiadeli bowling rank name G1G2G3G4 points difference score sharing 1 Sun Xiaoping Nanjing Changzhou 226221181213084121-203 2472122151701786121502 Ge Xiang Xue Jinlong Suzhou 20622421018318841210-204 Tao Kailin 190213225194082220-395 Hu Jianhua 187201202225081520-466 Nanjing Changzhou Taiwan 17420322619118812203-497 Changzhou 21718018020427808202-538 Zhou Huanliang ho Han Nanjing Zhao Zhigen 19119418820232807202-549 Chen Honglin 221197174214080620-5510 Zhang Yuhong Anhui 22417819118618797199-6411 Suzhou 17519418821721795199-6612 Zhou Huiliang Xu Haiqiang Kunshan 20116422418618793198-6813 Nanjing 226192177196079119-7014 Deng Jianliang 203197195190078519-7615 Taiwan Nie Jian Gu Hai Kang Zhejiang 227211188149077519-8617 Wuxi 211203189172077519-8616 weeks Zhao Jiaxing Hebei 177200216181077419-8718 Wuxi 16318920718924772193-8919 Shanghai 16917222418718770193-9120 Jie Shen Xu H. L. Chen Jianan of the Suzhou 17218417121424765191-9622 20820316216924766192-9521 Changzhou Wang Yaoxing Yang Yunhe Huang Bin 20116818018824761190-10023 of Shanghai Zhenjiang 235164170191076019-10124 Nanjing 158194203203075819-10326 Suzhou horse sueyoshi 18115920219324759190-10225 Bai Jun Wu Jun 18820017916724758190-10327 Liu Quanfa of Changzhou 17819117419024757189-10428 Shanxi 16419315022624757189-10429 Suzhou new Li Lin Wei 192190204170075618-10530 Wang Shizhen 194212168182075618〉 of ZhuhaiLiaoning female hockey | failed to achieve three consecutive games! The veteran coach will leave Liaoning hockey players Ren ye and children share medals. Wang Guannan's On the afternoon of 28 , the Thirteenth National Games women's hockey finals at the Tianjin Tuanbo Sports Center, the defending champion Liaoning hockey team against Sichuan, the two sides after 60 minutes of fighting the battle 1:1. Then on penalties thrilling, Liaoning hockey was lore opponents, the final 4:5 defeat opponents, won the silver medal, failed to achieve three consecutive games. manager and several veteran will leave In the finals, the Liaoning team took the lead in scoring. Then the Sichuan team equalized the score until the end of the fourth quarter. The score of the two sides was still 1:1, and had to win through the 23 meter ball. when the Liaoning team won the three championship, many people thought that the gold medal was there. Everyone is going to celebrate it, but this is the competitive game. Until the end, anything will happen. Finally Sichuan defeated Liaoning and won the championship. as the domestic women's hockey supremacy, Liaoning hockey has even won the two national championship, the team has many players, competition experience, some older than thirty year old veteran persist in the game, after the game the Liaoning hockey fans who stood up for girls with applause. Liaoning Holland hockey coach Bonet in the games after leaving the Liaoning team, with a silver medal good-bye, his eyes full of regret, "yes, I'm going back to Holland, so we try to prepare for this session of the National Games, now I want to take a rest." And Bonet was ready to leave, there are a few old players, hockey stick down, could not stop the tears flow out. in Bonet's view, this is a convergence of many different emotional game, "the players family are sitting in the stands, a few old members will retire after the games, the game will become their farewell ceremony, a lot of players after crying badly, some members of the red eyes in an interview, I can understand their emotions or let down." has gone through three games, Bonet believes that the Liaoning women's hockey team is the best team, the structure is more complete, "but when you have a chance to get the third consecutive Games champion, three times the temptation will let you bear more pressure, the players might never play, because they want to win, because of the pressure here. five war games 38 year old veteran did his best to Gao Lihua, born in 1979, was the women's song of the present whole movement.

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